About us

Meet MBiCashMBiCash is the webmaster program with the largest websites in adult dating. Approximately seven years ago, we started the promotion of adult products. Adult dating is booming and will continue to expend the next couple of years.
There are many top converting adult dating websites which you can promote via the webmaster program.

The largest adult dating webmaster program in the Netherlands and Belgium

Each website is tested extensively before it is available in the webmaster program. This way we can guarantee only top converting websites.
The combination of these websites and the high payouts make sure that webmasters at MBiCash will achieve the highest revenue possible.

How to earn money

Register as a webmaster at MBiCash by filling out the application form. Our support team will look at your application and when everything is in order, your account will be activated within 48 hours.
You can start with promoting as soon as you receive the confirmation e-mail. There’s a wide range of promotools which you can choose from. These promotools are easy to implement in your website or to use for other kinds of promotion.
Bring traffic to the adult dating websites where they register themselves. When a registered person spends money on the website, you’ll receive a percentage of that money. Read on the payout page how much money you get!
The best part is: A registered person stays connected to your webmasterID within the MBiCash system. So the more money this person spends, the more money you earn. This can add up to hundreds of euro’s per visitor!